18th Annual World Championship
Human Powered Ice Races
New as of 11/18/08

Saturday, January 24th, 2009
Location is still being worked on but will be announced as soon as it is finalized
Updates will be sent to the RecumbentsMN eMail list members.

Sponsored by: Minnesota Human Powered Vehicle Association
Location to be determined over the next month or so (as of 11/18/08)

100 Meter Sprints start @ 10:00am
All other races to follow as soon they can be set up.

Registration on the day of the event only
Entry Fees:
Up to $15.00/Rider (may be less, won't be more) $15 would be if we have to pay to have the course plowed.
Awards Banquet to follow last Race @ 2pm Details at race registration

Link to Map to Location to be posted here

Sign up; Last year, sign-up and setting up the scoring sheets took far too much time, delaying the start of the event. To save us time, please have your entry form filled out when you arrive.    
Click to open entry form in your web browser
Click to download entry form in
Click to download entry form in For the technologically impaired, we will have a few paper forms at the event.

Scoring Sheets; Are more of a hassle than you might think.
To save us time and confusion the day of the event, please Click Here to email me, and let me know the following.
Your NAME;
CLASS; Rubber Only or Traction Aided (studs, skates etc.)
RACING NUMBER; 1st Choice,      2nd Choice      & 3rd Choice
I'll reply promptly, and let you know if your 1st or 2nd choice is already taken. It'll be easier to install a number plate at home than out on the ice.

If you aren't sure you are coming, please send the info anyway. It's easier to cross you off the scoring sheets if you don't show up, than add you if you do.

The Course: The course will be a finished ice surface not unlike a skating rink of @. 1/2 mile in length. Surface conditions may vary on the course due to weather. There will be Approx. 600m of run up before entering the timing trap that will be 100m long.
We do our best to get as long as run up as possible but the actual length varies dure to local ice conditions.

Scoring: The winner of this event shall be the vehicle achieving the highest average speed over the measured interval. Elapsed time through the timed area and speed will be kept by the official timer and posted as soon as practical.

The Course: The drag races will be held on the same surface as the 100-meter time trial.
The length of the course will be 50 meters.
Procedures: Single elimination runs will be held in head to head competition.
When the starter indicates the vehicles will race to the finish line.
The first participant across is the winner of that heat, and will advance to the next round.

The Course: The course will be about 3/8 mile in length in a roughly circular shape.It will be about 16 feet wide and will be plowed as well as possible but will not be iced or prepared.
Procedures: Participants will race in a mass start race. All participants that wish to pull off the course must do so to the outside of the course and pull completely off the racing surface.
The winner will be the first person to complete the required number of laps.

It should be noted that in 2004, our first year at Rogers Lake, there were quite a few cracks in the racing surfaces.

Rubber Only Any HPV, bicycle, tricycle or quad that has only rubber tires in contact with the ice.

Traction Aided Any traction and/or control aids will be allowed which, in the opinion of the officials, do not constitute a safety hazard.
Studded tires, sandpaper, perforated sheet metal, carding cloth, bottle caps, industrial strength ScotchBrite
and various substances glued to tires have all been used, with varying degrees of success.
Skate blades or similar are often used for steering.

Safety: It is our intent to make this event as safe and fun as possible so all participants must meet these safety requirements prior to competition or use of any racing surfaces.

Conduct: Due to the nature of the ice racing surface many vehicles will have studs or blades or other sharp objects to provide traction. It will be the responsibility of each participant to attempt to minimize any danger to themselves or others and not to act in a careless or dangerous manner. Any breach of this may, at the discretion of race officials, be reason for immediate revocation of racing privileges for the remainder of the event without appeal.

Safety Inspection The assigned safety officer will inspect and certify all participants to meet the following criteria prior to any competition. All participants will complete and pass a safety inspection to include:

  1. a. No sharp objects in or on the body of the person or vehicle that may potentially injure the rider or others are allowed unless involved in the drivetrain or ice interface.

    b. All participants must have a way to safely bring themselves and or their vehicle to a stop in an ice environment. <

    c. All participants will be required to wear at all times while on any racing surface an approved bicycle or motorcycle helmet that is properly fitted. These must have a sticker in place.

    d. Any participant that uses sharp points (studs) or blades in the drive system that extend more then 1/4 inch in length from the surface of the part that touches the ice, and wishes to participate in any multiple rider events, must provide protection for others or themselves from falling into or onto this drive system during competition.
    (Studs longer than about 1/8" will just slow you down, so this shouldn't be a problem. Mark)

    e. All participants will be required to have a signed release waiver before admission to any racing surfaces.

    f. All decisions of the safety inspector and race officials are final! There will be no appeals so work with them to make this a safe and fun event.

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