Builder's Bikes: Mark Stonich

Rans Rocket Suitcase Conversion
The first conversion was done to Luke Breen's Rocket. It's a 2001, with the new 2" x 0.035" top tube. However, the conversion could probably be done to any round tube Rans except the Stratus. The seat frame is also split.

Unlike an S&S conversion, the whole thing comes apart and goes back together with a single 5mm allen wrench. The entire bike fits in a 26"x 26" x 10" case.

Luke plans to sell converted Rockets through his shop, Calhoun Cycle here in Minneapolis.
For a test ride, Luke towed his two daughters, in a trailer, through New Zealand for three weeks.

Top Clamp and Internal Aluminum Sleeve.

The clamp compresses the main tube slightly, so that it tightly grips the inner sleeve.

2 threaded holes and a locating pin, in the inner sleeve, line up with holes and notches in the top tube and clamp to ensure that everything is lined up before the clamp is tightened.

(Sorry about cutting the top off all the close-ups. My viewfinder is a bit off in macro mode.)

Lower Clamps

The externally threaded bits are silver brazed onto the bottom tubes.

On later conversions these will be stainless steel.

The threads don't tighten anything, but provide a non-slip clamping surface.

On later versions;

I plan to slightly stagger the cuts of the bottom tubes.

Then the bottom clamps won't have to be split to be installed.

They will need only one pinch bolt.

I assume that this conversion weighs a bit more than S&S couplings, but you don't need to carry a spanner around.

Later clamps will be slightly smaller.

Assembled frame

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