Builder's Bikes:
Bryce Ronnander &
Howard Heikes

A couple of our more inventive members. Here are just a few, of several, that Bryce has built.

Bryce's Rubber Duckie at the 17th IHPSC - 24Kb.

Bryce never lacks for imagination. - 31Kb.

Now that he can weld, Bryce's creations are more functional, if not quite as interesting - 23Kb.

- 32Kb.

Howard's folder has both rear swingarm suspension, and an elastomer sprung seat. The swingarm pivot is not quite perpendicular to the frame, so when folded the wheel lies next to the frame. - 33Kb.

More pix of Bryces's contraptions are found on our Ice Race Page.

30 Pictures From Our HPV Ice Races

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