Builder's Bikes: Ray Brick
Ray hasn't built many bikes, but even his first one was pretty darn good. Despite having never seen a recumbent, he built the best handling USS LWB I've ridden. His frames since then look like the work of a pro. He tackles ambitious projects. His 3rd bike was a suspended recumbent tandem, and now he's working on a "Carbon Fiber, Dual Suspended, Back-to-Back, Tandem, Low Racer".
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Ray & his SWB, "Kermit", at Lylestadt 1995 - 33Kb.

Sharie's Bike, one of the earliest CLWBs - 28Kb.

Sharie's CLWB's suspension detail. - 24Kb. Ray's suspension elastomers are commercial air conditioner motor mounts.

Ray & Sharie's touring tandem - 23Kb.

Tandem Seat, Rack & Suspension Details - 27Kb.

Ray & Sharie's racing tandem. The really trick stuff doesn't even show in this picture. - 22Kb.

More pix of Ray's creations, including his ice racers "BioHazard" and "Tachyon", are found on a couple of our other pages.

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