April 14, 2004
MnHPVA Meeting
Notes by Tim Dunsworth
Photos & HTML by Mark Stonich
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Since it was a pleasant evening (and we had recently gone on daylight savings time so it was light), we hung out in the parking lot looking at bikes and trying out Carl Gulbronson's Gold Rush with a Rotor crank. The consensus was that the Gold Rush is one sweet ride, but the Rotor had hardly any noticeable effect. This is good in terms of a fairly natural feel and little or no acclimatization time, but maybe not so good in terms of revolutionary impact. (I believe that Carl has 180mm crank arms, which might negate the benefits of the Rotors for those used to shorter. Mark) Perhaps the effect is there but is subtle enough to require actual measurement. After a while we went inside and squeezed ourselves into the little pottery class room.
Carl reminded us that the is coming around again (several of us rode to it last year and had a good time). It will be at the state fairground (in and near the Education building?) on May 1st and 2nd,. Carl and Jim Black will have a booth again for Quadrabents and various electric scooters and assisted bikes, and he would welcome any “interesting” recumbents we are willing to bring over for display near his booth.
Mark had a report on Dave Siskind's condition for all his friends in the club. Dave recently had surgery for cancer and the doctors think they got it all and won't even have to do any followup chemo or radiation therapy. Good news indeed. They naturally told him to stay off any bikes “for a while”, and equally naturally he noticed that they hadn't said anything about trikes. He figured low intensity rides on his EZ3 trike would qualify as good physical therapy, so after about a week he was on the roads. The 1st day he did one whole mile and it was a good workout. The next day 2 miles etc. After all, if he can't ride how can he reach his life goal of a million kilometers? He is 62 now and at about 425,000 miles, so he had better get cracking to reach 621,000 miles before he has to decide if wheelchair miles count.

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