Chris Burbank's Aluminum SWB

Chris Burbank showed a new aluminum frame, for a bike that he wants to be sufficiently lower than his previous recumbents. And shorter, so that it will fit in the back of a regular car. It roughly follows the pattern of Rans Rocket with dual 406-20 wheels and above seat steering. It will have a Rans seat from Terry Osell's clearance inventory. The frame weighs about 4 ½ pounds by itself – not bad, but it remains to be seen whether it may be a bit flexy in the boom area. (He has since added braces to stiffen the boom M.S.) The wheels are from Gaerlan in San Fransisco and they seem very nice.

The rear dropouts look a bit odd, but are a good design for TIG welded aluminum. The heat affected zone of 6061 aluminum tubing is significantly weakened. By only welding on one side of the stays, I expect he preserved much of their strength. M.S.

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