Mark Stonich's "U" Joint Steering

I've replaced the tiller steering on my winter trike, with a "U" joint setup. This is so the handlebars will work inside a frame mounted fairing. Drastically reduced tiller eliminates much of the self-centering from the steering. Less of a problem on a trike than a two wheeler. The vertical support will have side plates extending above the steering shaft to support the fairing.

The "U" joint itself is homemade from 1/4" bolts and square tubing. Washers made from 1/16" HDPE (High Density PolyEthelyne) keep everything snug but smooth. Since it has a fairly large radius there is no detectable slop.

The upper pivot bearing is simply a strip of HDPE wrapped around the steering shaft, and enclosed by a seat post clamp. (The upper blue one) This allows adjustment for wear. Thrust washers on either side were also made from HPDE (using hole saws). They are held against the clamp by the narrower clamps. The lower blue clamp allows adjustment of the length of the steering shaft.

Large straps over the platform pedals allow the use of big hiking boots for cold weather riding. Straps are also made of HPDE. A 4' x 8' sheet of that stuff goes a long way.

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