Kelly Medley's kid trikes

I built these trikes (1 tadpole, 2 lean steer) for my nephew and cousins, 9&10 yrs old (good practice while my son gets big enough to ride). They ride the heck out of them and have inspired me to build a big kid version for me. They are just so different that all the neighborhood kids want to take turns riding them. Gets lots of stares in this neck of the woods (southern Illinois). The tadpole has 16" wheels on the front and 20" in rear. It is a single speed, but I figured they didn't like to shift anyway.
The other 2 have 16" all around. The lean steering trikes cost about $10 bucks apiece and a couple of hours to build. I takes 2-16" junk bikes and some 1" square tubing to make one of these. The tadpole was quite a bit more labor and cost intensive. Great fun for parking lots and skate parks. A lot of fun to build (and ride!) if you are considering building one.
Kelly Medley

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