Stef Pluijm's "No Weld" MiniBent
Nederlandse vertaling

Mr. Stonich,
I would like to send you pictures of the recumbent I built for my two daughters. I got the idea from David Rehus' site about "no weld recumbents". I immediately knew that I wanted to build one myself.

David Rehus site is . Go to "next" and then to "photo". On this page you find a picture of Timothy Lipetz and his bike. You find Timothy's page, with some very clear pictures of his "no weld recumbent" at .

I started with an 18 inch kids-bike, an old girls bike (for the bottom-bracket), a front-fork, some rollerskate wheels and some more old parts. I didn't use any plans, just started building. I drilled two holes through the frame and one hole through the top of the forkblades and bolted the fork to the frame. I sawed the bottom bracket from a girls bike, leaving about 20 centimeters of the seat tube. This slides exactly over the forks steering tube, so some length adjustment is easy (of course this requires the chain to be lengthened). The only difficulty was finding the correct chain-line. The whole project took about two weeks.

Of course it took the girls some training-rides, but as you can see on the pictures, they are doing just fine, and they love it!

The red haired girl is Eileen. She is eight years old and her sister Lisa is six.

This summer we had an international recumbent-meeting here in the Netherlands, with races, a show, etcetera. You can imagine that my daughters had a lot of onlookers! A lot of people asked them to give a demonstration. There were even people asking if they could buy the bike!

The only thing I want to replace is the coaster brake. Because it's impossible to pedal backwards, it's quite difficult for the girls to start riding.

Stef Pluijm
The Netherlands

(After he replaces the coaster brake, he will be able to add an old rear derailleur cage to wrap up extra chain. Then he won't need to shorten the chain, when he moves the BB rearward to fit Lisa. Mark)

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