About the MnHPVA
MnHPVA Meetings are held 2nd Wed. Every Month at;
Lake Nokomis Community Center
2401 E. Minnehaha Parkway, Mpls. MN
{On the hill @ the N. end of Lake Nokomis}
Time 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

If you find this site to be informal and disorganized, you should try coming to one of our meetings (or rides, or races). We never have an agenda, but 30 or 40 people usually show up, many with projects or new bikes for Show-N-Tell. Questions are raised about rides or technical matters, and pretty soon a meeting breaks out.

Who Are We?
We are affilliated with the and registered as a Non-Profit Corporation with the State of Minnesota. The MnHPVA is an all volunteer organization founded in the fall of 1985. We have a current electronic membership of about 240, about evenly split between homebuilders and riders of production 'bents

Among the builders, we have people who build recumbents with finish work rivaling that of professional framebuilders. We also have people who build servicable recumbents by bolting and hose clamping conduit frame extensions and beach chairs to BMX bikes. Most fall somewhere in between. I estimate that nearly 300 recumbents have been built by club members, over the past 18 years.

Starting in 2001, most MnHPVA rides are scheduled on short notice and posted to members of the RecumbentsMN eMail list. We find that we get more people willing to lead rides this way, with rides nearly every week. We usually get a better turnout than when the rides were scheduled months in advance.

Weather permitting, Meetings from March to October will be preceeded by a short "Meet and Decide" Ride at 6:00 PM

Each year we hold the Human Powered Ice Vehicle World Championships Races on the frozen surface of a lake in the Twin Cities Area. Check MnHPVA Current events for the dates and location.

For 17 years we had a formal membership, dues and a printed newsletter. Now that we no longer need dues to pay for a newsletter, membership has become rather informal. Get on the eMail list, and start coming to meetings and rides.

The Recumbents Minnesota eMail list and the website have pretty much replaced the old newsletter. This list averages one message per day., and many are of the "I hear it's going to be nice out Sunday, anybody want to ride around Lake Minnetonka?" variety. About 2/3 of the people on the list are also MnHPVA members, so some club business is conducted on the list.

Check it out. You can view some of the old messages, to decide if being on the list would be useful to you.
If you want to join, click on "Subscribe".

Minnesota Human Powered Vehicle Association
Founder, President, Race Director, WebMaster
Dave Krafft

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