MnHPVA Meeting April 10th 2002
Meeting Report: Dave Polaschek & Mark Stonich
Photos: Mark Stonich
Rides Post your rides to the RecumbentsMN list. Weekday series starting in a couple weeks (about 24 April). Dave will be hosting 'em. Two rides we didn't get in last summer - Summit Brewery tour on a Thursday, mid to late May, and Lake Minnetonka. Also need to start thinking about weekend rides. Hiawatha bike club also has some rides that we can probably crash, too.
Someone mentioned a centralized calendar. There is a calendar on RecumbentsMN but nobody seems to use it. If we all started using it, everybody could put rides on it. Or, if you send your rides to Mark he can put them on the "Coming Events" page of the web site. However most rides are done on short notice now, so there is only time to post them to the RecumbentsMN list
The Critical Massholes are making life tough for responsible cyclists again. They've got the cops pissed, so police are cracking down on minor infractions. I got stopped for taking a lane. I was legal doing so, because the lane was too narrow for a car and a bike, but the cop didn't know that, and wouldn't believe me. I now carry a copy of the law with me. There's a link to a copy of the law on the website. (Mark S.)
Brief digression into licensing your bikes. Best to do so in case you run into a pissed off policeman, as they are impounding unlicenced bikes.
Update on Dave Krafft's and Jon Nygren's body shell project; Tomorrow will be last day of work on body. Going to the molder's next week, and 10-15 bodies should be available for sale within two weeks.
Digression into the BioPace chainrings. Some hate 'em. Some like 'em on 'bents. Nobody likes them on uprights. Also, newer V-brakes are so effective that some manufacturers are adding force limiters on the entry level models to keep rookies from going over the handlebars.
Jeff Caswell's got a video-tape of last year's Battle Mountain Races from Sean Costin - professionally made by Now Sports (A British media group, not the local bike shop chain). 50 minutes. Will bring it next time and we'll maybe watch it if there's not much for show & tell. Not clear if it's the same BBC tape that Mark has.
We even finished Show-N-Tell early enough to have "New Folks Introductions"
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Jon Nygren's UPV (U)ltralight (P)ersonal (V)ehicle
Dave Krafft's New Lightweight MWB
Mark Stonich's Low Buck Precision Truing Stand

&   Bits for a New Lightweight LWB

Jeff Caswell's 100mph(!) Race Bike Concept
Mike Wheeler's ??mph Race Bike Design
Top Secret, No Photos
EZ Sport

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