Jeff Caswell's 100mph(!) Race Bike Concept

Jeff Caswell brought the latest clay model of his race bike concept. The split has gone away (for now?) There'll be two knee pockets that will be the tallest part of the bike, with a slot between 'em. He plans to use mirrors for forward viewing.

Bigger wheel would give lower rolling resistance, but that'd move gears and such higher, increasing frontal area. All that will be above the wheel is the fairing, and a single bearing. 349 - 19mm tire has 14 3/4" rolling diameter. It is designed to carry about 20-30 lbs on the front of a racing wheelchair.

Materials - paper and cardboard honeycomb - very strong and lightweight. The composite he built is heavier. Jeff asked; "How do I get the honeycomb to stay in hexagons for best stiffness while assembling?" Material is neat because it can be flexed. It'll be semi-monocoque, so stiffness of the shell matters. Jeff would like 25lbs for total weight, but won't complain if he can stay under 30lbs. Rollerskate bearings on hubs- Dave says "Watch out, since some have built-in drag". Also amount of oil in bearing makes a big difference in efficiency.

New design will put all the gears within the circumference of the wheel. Three tiny mid-drives. (His drawing appears to show 4, M.S.) Campy 10 speed chain is lightest, and is twistable so his front drive can still steer a bit. Ti cogs.

Photo shown is from a newspaper article.

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