Mike's Record 'Liner Plans

"No Photos Please"

Mike Wheeler showed plans for a streamliner (presumably for Battle Mountain, as it certainly won't be street-worthy) He has been working late nights since September. Mike drew elaborately detailed plans using only the drawing functions in Excel. (To say this is doing it the hard way is a monumental understatement. However it is in the MnHPVA tradition to work with whatever you have. M.S.)

To minimize frontal area, he ditched the crank and went with linear drive. Maximum fairing dimension is a 21" diameter circle = about 1/4 sq. meter frontal area. Pedals will run on a track, and pull cables, which will be wrapped around ratcheting drums, which will turn a good size chain-wheel. Final drive will be a Mega-Range cluster. Gearing is such that cadence = mile-per-hour if you're pedaling full 16" strokes in high gear. Top view shape is tri-elliptical. Tail is a pseudo-15 degree taper.

The closest thing to a head-tube on this bike is behind the front wheel. It will have parallelogram steering with swivel links and a virtual steering pivot. (This has been done successfully on motorcycle streamliners. M.S.) Eliminating the traditional head tube is a great way to reduce frontal area.

This isn't just a concept like Jeff's, the plans look quite complete, and the frame is about 3/4 done, 16" front, 20" rear wheels. View outward will be through a long sloping windshield. Air for pilot will come in around the front wheel.

Unlike Jeff's 'Liner, this bike would be fairly heavy. Theoretically, weight helps if you have the maximum legal 2/3% downslope on the course, and Battle Mountain is fairly close to that. The 80.55 mph Varna Diablo weighs 58 lbs, so we know that if weight doesn't help, at least it doesn't hurt.

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