Jon Nygren's UPV (U)ltralight (P)ersonal (V)ehicle

Jon Nygren's latest prototype UPV (U)ltralight (P)ersonal (V)ehicle is 8 Dave's long, 1.5 Dave's wide. (A "Dave" is something like a "cubit" only smaller.) Stopping in a fully enclosed HPV usually means you either have to put your feet down, or build a fairly wide conventional trike. Leaning trikes can be narrower. Jon saw the Lean Machine at Epcot center about 10 years ago. He finally figured out a simple linkage, so last meeting he showed an upright tilt-trike with three 27" wheels, and no drivetrain.

This time he had a front wheel drive recumbent leaner trike with 20" wheels. Entire front section is from one of Dave Krafft's bikes. Apparently it's fully functional, as Jon showed up wearing a helmet.

One rear wheel has a Currie Electric motor for power assist. This one has stiction in the mechanism, and mechanical limits to the lean, so it'll won't tip over. Eventually there will be a hand operated brake to lock the tilt mechanism at low speeds, eliminating the need to drop feet to stop or park.

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