Dave Gray's QR Pedals

Dave Gray has been looking for folding pedals for several folding/travel bikes with different wheel sizes and frame layouts he has been building and experimenting with. A web search led him to Sheldon Brown's site and Harris Cyclery, which offers a quick-disconnect pedal based on a coupler much like pneumatic hose couplers. It is based on an MKS New RR2 pedal body with a special spindle that mates to the quick-disconnect stub. They seem to be pretty good quality in terms of weight, finish, bearings, etc. and they sell for about $70 retail on the web [Green Gear sells something that looks the same for about $110].

With the main part of the pedal removed the stub is actually a little narrower than the width of a folding pedal (and those tend to be cheaper and heavier too). Too bad they don't come in an SPD model. Maybe one of our machining connections could build a small run of spindles that would mate to an SPD pedal and one of these stubs?

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