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Recumbents in Black Dog Time Trials?

Craig Ostrow says he has lobbied the organizer of the Black Dog time trial series, and after consultation with the regional USCF rep he agreed to add a recumbent class with no restrictions on length or chain protectors but with no fairings allowed. Nice work, Craig! This is a 9 race series (starting in early May) held on an out and back course of about 7 miles near the Black Dog power plant in the river valley near Burnsville. The entry fee is about $15, depending on whether you get a day license or amortize a seasonal license over several races. Craig plans to run as many races as he can this year, and several others showed some interest too.

Chris and Mary Burbank have raced there before, but only on their wedgie tandem. Note that the Black Dog race dates (and the full USCF calendar, for what that's worth) are in the Bike Minnesota event listing magazine that recently hit the newsstands (and bike shops?) around town.