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Mark Stonich showed the almost-complete EZ1 with a sidecar rig for a mother and her severely handicapped daughter to ride together. It is almost complete except for the sidecar seat mounts, and Jane is prodding Mark enough lately that he should have it ready to go to the customer for a shake-down period soon.

The seat will be a big NASCAR-style wrap-around bucket seat with the bottom cut off (it's too deep and has a fixed angle to the seat back) and replaced with a recumbent seat base.

He has had very preliminary conversations with Lightfoot Cycles in Darby, Montana about build more rigs like this one. The mother has enough contacts in the handicapped community that she might be able to market them effectively. Lightfoot has plenty of (over) qualified skilled workers due to local economic woes. And a large enough facility to increase their production four-fold over what it is now. They have also expressed some interest in building copies of Mark's latest MWB bike. Better them than Mark for building more sidecar rigs, since he is making something like minimum wage when all of his hours on this project are added up. He is getting $4,500 (including SPD pedals for the captain and one of Ray Allison's rear bumper mounted trike racks with loading ramps), which seemed reasonable at first before he found out how involved a project it turned out to be.