This guy left before the Show-N-Tell started inside. I know little about his bike, except that it appears to be built of some sort of composite, probably fiberglass. I believe he was on Luke's big Summer Ride (150+ 'bents) with several members of his family on equally interesting machines.

If anyone knows who he is I'd like to get him to bring some more of his creations to our meetings.

Brian Hallformerly of Earth Cycles, arrived with a DragonFlyer trike towing a big utility trailer that was holding a partially built frame and a Worksman trike with a load box on the back that he got for an obscenely low price at a garage sale. The trailer has been used to haul refrigerators amongst many other things and is made by Bikes At Work

Dave Gassedelen did not stick around for the meeting, but had a Reynolds Weldlab titanium 26-26 T-Bone “High racer”. He bought it as a frame only and has built it up with his preferred parts. He is experimenting with various handlebar setups.

to see a bike that bears a startling resemblance to the T-Bone. It was shown years ago at one of our meetings, and was built from a fence post, tubing salvaged from a childs swing set, electrical conduit and an old Schwinn. I'm not suggesting that George Reynolds ripped off Tony's design. But it does show that great minds think alike, regardless of differences in skill and budget.

Dave Gray showed up with a fat tired, double rimmed MTB set up as a single speed street machine. The frame is a stock Surly 1x1 single speed MTB, with some machined adapters that move the cantilever pivots outward 20mm on each side. The rims are each made from two Alex DM24 rims.  Combined, they create a 65mm wide rim. Tires are the IRC "lovers soul" 26x 2.25"

The front rims are bonded together with 3M epoxy and bolted in 4 places as a safety precaution. The rear rims are welded together using Alumiweld; they are bolted in 4 places, as well.

These rims are crude prototypes of the new Surly Large Marge rims, which should go into production soon. As I write this in November, Dave has 200 miles on the factory samples that were produced for the Interbike show.  So far, so good. The purpose of these rims is far-reaching...snow, sand, cruiser, off-road unicycle, downhill-specific bicycles, cargo haulers, and ????.

Large Marge are 65mm wide, and have machined brake tracks, so unlike some wide rims do not require disk brakes. They are only available in 559 right now.  They'll look into smaller diameter rims later, but rolling 'em into 559's is a chore already.

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