August 11, 2004
MnHPVA Meeting
Meeting Report: Tim Dunsworth
Photos & HTML: Mark Stonich
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Weather was cool and cloudy, but at least a gap in the day's drizzle allowed us to hang out in the lot until about 7:30 schmoozing and trying out Jim Black's electric assist velomobile, Mark's latest bike, and a Voyager delta trike. See more about all but Jim's velomobile below. Jim Black passed around some large format pictures from the velomobile gathering on July 21st at Calhoun Cycle held in honor of the visit by Carl Georg Rasmussen of Denmark, builder of the Leitra velomobile. He was passing through town to deliver a new Leitra to a customer in Wisconsin, but only after riding it in the RAGBRAI ride across Iowa!

People were very impressed with all the neat design details of the Leitra, as well as the packability that Carl Georg demonstrated for us. The body parts all nested together, the chassis disassembled and folded, then the whole works fit in two largish boxes that Carl Georg was not charged extra for on the flight from Denmark. It has front and rear suspension using carbon fiber leaf springs, and this one came with the full assortment of wheel covers and luggage compartments (the Leitra website suggests such a configuration would cost about $9,000!).

It has a rather close fitting canopy, but Mark says he actually felt less claustrophobic in it than in a Cab Bike, where you actually see more of the interior rather than focusing outside as you tend to do in the Leitra. The gathering had a good turnout, including two Leitra's, all three of Mary Arneson's Cab Bikes, and two two-wheeled velomobiles/streetliners from Jon Nygren and Jim Black.

We got another reminder about the trail ride starting from Forest Lake on Saturday, August 21st. The off-road bike trail goes about 5 miles North to Wyoming and 8 miles South to Hugo from Forest Lake for a total out-and-back ride of 26 miles. Meet at 9 am at Trail Cycle.
Jeff Caswell was riding his just-completed Micro Bike III recently and was run over at the Lake Harriet boat ramp. He is fortunately not injured seriously, but the bike was totaled and the other two bikes in this semi-production run aren't far enough along yet for him to have one of them to ride anytime soon. Tough luck, Jeff.

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