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Dave Siskind's Alaska Trip

Dave Siskind just returned from a 7 week bike trip in Alaska and the Yukon Territory. All but one short stretch was on paved roads. They rode through a lot of forest fire smoke [You can believe it, since enough of it drifted down all the way to Minnesota to give us some extra pretty sunsets for a while recently!]. The weather was mostly hot and dry, with just a little rain that helped clear out the air.

He met many other bikers on the road, including some who even make Dave look like a lightweight with their plans to ride from the north slope of Alaska to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America! He mostly stayed in hotels or motels, and there were surprisingly few long stretches in the middle of nowhere with no places to stop for food or lodging. It turned out he was up there at the same time as another club member, but they didn't know until tonight that they came within a few miles or days of crossing paths.