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Mark Stonich's CMWB

Mark Stonich showed his completed lightweight CMWB, (Compact Medium WheelBase) which was just a frame at last month's meeting. He completed it in time to take it to the Stevens Point rally, where it worked out very well. Many people tried it out and liked it, and they all were impressed when they lifted it up!

It only has an 8 speed rear cluster with no hub gear or front shifter, but the range was wide enough even for the hilly Sunday ride, largely because of the light weight of the bike and the short crank arms. These cranks are standard 170mm Shimano 105s shortened to 147mm. Todd Sorlie made him a pair of fittings much like oversized Knee Savers. By screwing these into the pedal eyes, and bolting them to his drilling fixture, he ensures that the new threads are parallel to the original ones.

The shortened cranks help him spin more, which allows a lower overall gear range and further helps him get by with just an 8 speed.