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Midwest Recumbent Rally

One woman had her bike equipped with something roughly like a Kingcycle K-drive, except that the short outer crank arms were completely free to move relative to the inner arms! She swore up and down that it worked more efficiently and with less strain on her legs, but Mark and Tim were hard pressed to see how that could really be true.

I have no trouble believing that her setup is an improvement for her, as she had also gone to Thorne 150mm cranks and the swivel pivot thingies would perform the same function as knee savers. Mark

This was nothing compared to the Just Two Bikes front wheel drive leaner trike that was there. It had the steering set up backwards, which only works until you have to react quickly by habit. It had limited steering angles and two HUGE (ie. garage door size) centering springs to keep it in some semblance of control. But Mark and Tim and Jon all found it diabolical to ride and potentially quite dangerous. Tim came close to flipping it three times in one short trip around the block, once doing it right in front of a chopper bar! The woman who owns it liked it a lot and was shocked at Mark's negative reaction to it. This just goes to underline the old truism about liking whatever you are used to and invested in, regardless of how strange it is to others.