Dwight Johnson's LWB Tour Easy Clone

It's probably inaccurate to refer to Dwight's 2nd machine as a TE Clone. In my opinion it is a better design than the TE, with a shorter front center, higher BB and single, larger bottom tube.

It would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison between this and Dwight's first bike, just to show how much a person can learn from experience. The first one was typical of first attempts, and TE clones, but the new one shows some real craftsmanship. And according to Dwight, much improved handling. (A shallower head angle moderates the earlier bike's excessive tiller, and more fork rake reduces trail to eliminate wheelflop.)

One design goal was to have a bike that can be made smaller for transport, and quickly made ridable again without any fiddly adjustments. Now he won't have to show up 10 minutes early for rides.

The seat mounting system uses two QRs to firmly hold adjustment and a 3rd for removing the seat without changing adjustment. (It may look like overkill, but I'm sure there are some Rans owners going "Thats what I want!" ;-)

The handlebar stem can be laid down along the top tube by simply removing a pin. Replacing the pin holds the bars up again without altering adjustment.

There isn't much contrast between steel and aluminum in this shot, so I "got some 'splainin to do". The seat support struts are aluminum, the bottom inch or so in this picture. Length adjustment occurs at the bottom of the struts. At the top they slip onto this little unit where they are held in place with pins. (The bits with the rings attached, I think they're a Rans part.) When the pins are pulled, the seat can be removed without affecting adjustment.

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