From Africa - Dwight Johnson's Wire Recumbent Sculpture

The wire recumbent model was "commissioned" as a gift for me by Sean Reilly of Johannesburg, South Africa. Sean saw my recumbent during a visit in 1999. Before returning for a visit in 2001 he came across a craftsman making wire models at a Johannesburg flea market. This craftsman had never seen a recumbent, but Sean described it to him in part as a cross between a bicycle and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Sean asked him to make the model which he finished in only one hour. It features tires made of twisted black plastic bag material, wheels and cranks that rotate, and handlebars that turn.
Dwight Johnson   

There was an interesting article in the first issue of about the men in Africa who support themselves making these wire bikes. This was the issue that contained my article about our ice races, so I assume you all have a copy ;-)
Mark Stonich   

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