Luke Breen's Lightweight SWB

Luke Breen brought a bike that had been shown before, but has since seen some refinements, and a bright yellow powdercoat.

The original plan was to build a 23lb. bike. However, some weight got added along the way. The frame turned out to be a bit too short, so a splice was needed to extend the main tube. A dummy seatstay was added to allow pulling a Burly trailer. These additions and the powdercoat added up to a 24.5 lb recumbent. While not what he was after, this is still lighter than about 99% of all recumbents.

Even after extending the frame, he found the seatback mesh was still making occasional contact with the rear tire. The original seat struts supported the backrest at a point near where the tail lights are now. This allowed some backward flex. Additionally, the long span between cross braces allowed the sides to flex inward allowing the fabric to sag.

Ray Brick suggested moving the upper ends lower and out to the side rails, as shown in the photo. This cured both problems.

The addition of lights, rack, water bottle cage and kickstand brings the final weight up to only 26.5 lbs. Far less than most 'bents weigh stripped.

Luke is shown here demonstrating his quick release seat mounts.

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