Mark Stonich's Dog Cart and '60s 2 Speed Mini
I was given this interesting little bike, of unknown name or age. It has 16" wheels, the rear tire is a lovely 2.125 Goodyear. If I could get a modern tire in this size and profile, I'd build an SWB. It has a Bendix Blue Band 2 speed, kick back coaster brake, same as the Moulton Stowaway. The frame separates at the black knob atop the top tube.

I knew I would never restore it, so I brought it to the meeting to give it away or swap for something more interesting to me. Turns out Dave Gray was interested and had some Raleigh "20" parts, which could be useful if I ever find time to build the "English 3 Speed" 'bent I occasionally daydream about.

With such a device, I could go to the ABCE (All British Cycle Event) in comfort.

My neighbor has a dog with cancer in one front leg. He found out that there are wheelchairs made for dogs, but they were only for those with two good front legs. Also nobody makes one for 180 lb dogs. What made this really challenging is that the dog doesn't like strangers, so I had to design and build a cart for him without ever seeing him.

To give you an idea how huge this critter is, the rear wheels are 10" in diameter. If you saw how big the cart was at the meeting, the U shaped section the harness attaches to has since been raised and lengthened by 4".

Nudge's owners walk alongside and guide the contraption. The front wheel is free to caster.

They have to walk him late at night when there are no other dogs around. Last I heard they were doing over a mile a night. He pushes his own weight and then some, and gets excited whenever he sees the harness.

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