December 10, 2003
MnHPVA Meeting
Meeting Report: Tim Dunsworth
Photos & HTML: Mark Stonich
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Cold, snowy weather delayed people's arrival and cut down the crowd a bit, but we gradually accumulated in the big room of the community center and schmoozed until a meeting broke out. If Terry Osell hadn't shown up, there would have been no bikes for Show_N-Tell.
Carl Gulbronson had a number of goodies to show us:
  • He passed out some freebie “Night Crawler” rear derailleur cable covers he got from one of his suppliers as a bonus with an order when their cardboard pieces got all bleached out or delaminated from the plastic bubbles.
  • He also passed around several flat-proof solid foam tires from Amerityre. They were in a rather gaudy yellow, and the sizes he had were 16 x 1.95 and 20 x 1.95. For solid tires they weren't too heavy, but it remains to be seen how they ride and how hard they are to mount on rims.
  • Of more interest perhaps were Maxxis Hookworm tires in 16 (305) x 53 mm, 20 (405) x 53 mm, and 26 x 2.50 (!).The new 26” is lighter and more flexible than previous Hookworms, which should help their ride and rolling resistance. They are rated at 65 psi but Carl thinks they can easily handle 100 psi. (though Mark says high pressure is not desirable with fatter section tires like these).
  • Finally, he had an E-force scooter tire in one of those odd scooter sizes (12 ½ x 2 ¼) that might have application in low racers, trikes, kids bikes, etc.

Mark Stonich showed his latest homebrewed helmet light. It was mounted on an obsolete Bell model with a few vents taped over. That model had a reputation for being too hot in summer (thick insulation and only a few non-optimized vent holes), but that makes it just right for winter use. The light is powered by six 1200 mah surplus NiCads from Mayo Clinic for a nominal power of 7.2 volts, which boosts the bulb's output nicely and hopefully won't burn it out too prematurely.
Terry Osell, Mark Stonich, and Dave Siskind all urged anyone with the slightest interest (and an available 3-speed) to consider coming out for next year's 2nd annual 3 Speed Tour of Lake Pepin. The 2003 event turned out to be a very enjoyable outing despite the damp weather they had.

Mark also mentioned that he has been trolling on E-Bay for interesting Sturmey-Archer hubs, but some of them can be quite pricey. He saw a rare ASC (?) model 3-speeed fixed hub recently, but the bidding was already at $290 and rising!

Carl suggested we put an MnHPVA notice in the big annual Minnesota Biker catalog, and he thought we should also list some of our biggest and most regular rides there. This led to a lot of comments, mostly negative. Mark didn't like the likely increase in liability exposure, Dave Siskind worried about having a lot of unfamiliar riders of varying speed and ability along on rides that can already be pretty loose, and Dave Krafft just prefers having the maximum degree of flexibility and dis-organization in the club. The consensus was to list the club meeting dates and web site so people could make contact if they were seriously (this group, serious?) interested, but to leave it at that.

Carl, not wanting to give up too easily, also raised the idea of providing sponsorship for the ice races so they can grow and get more prominent. Dave was concerned about having more people on the ice for safety reasons and said that as long as we can use the Center Lake snowmobile test track there are basically no expenses to under-write, but there was a lot of interest (and I do mean a LOT of interest!) in having a sponsored Porta-Potty out on the ice, so Carl may look into that possibility. Look for an official Hoigaard's Satellite on January 24th!

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