Dave Gray's 12" Wheeled Travel Bike

Dave Gray's very small (steel) wheels (12.5 inch x 2.25). 22lbs total weight. Got 80-90 miles on it. Seat mast hasn't bent, but it's got an aluminum post up the middle. 60 gear inches, 12 tooth in back, 170 cranks just barely fit. It's airline legal with wheels and masts off. Fits in a 40x12x10 box. Aluminum rims on order. Seat suspension is very adjustable, doesn't seem to be temperature sensitive. It gets a little twitchy when he's down on the bars, but it's fine at low speed.

Next one is already planned, and will fold in front of the BB, and seat post will fold down. Will fold up more quickly and compactly. May show it off at Oshkosh airshow.

Finish work is very well done, and can be seen in pictures from the January meeting. Hit your browser's [BACK] button to return here.

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