MnHPVA Meeting February 13th 2002
Meeting Report: Dave Polaschek & Mark Stonich
Photos: Mark Stonich
2002 Human Powered Ice Vehicle World Championships results will be done soon. Dave Krafft needs some information from Luke. Sean Costin did 32.27mph for fastest speed in Flying Start 100 Meters. This is a new world record.

Overall speeds were significantly higher than normal. 18 people over 20mph. Maybe it was the ice conditions? They sure do affect the speeds. Normally 100m times are fastest on a riders first or second run. People this year some got faster the more times they tried it. Mark's theory; "The softer (warmer) the ice gets, the less energy needed for traction aids (studs etc.) to penetrate. On the other hand, skate drag is lowest at cold temps."

Next year will probably be in Lindstrom again, since it was such a nice course. No worry about getting a snowplow out on thin ice. Longer drive for most of us, but freeway and country roads, instead of stop and go on Highway 61. Thanks to Lance Oberg for helping find such a great place.

Carl Gulbronson showed an exercise bike that functions as a PlayStation controller. You turn the bars instead of a joystick, and the faster you pedal the faster the game image goes. He demo'd it with a motocross program, but I believe any race type program will work.
We had some time after the Show-N-Tell, so we viewed Dave Siskind's video-tape of the 2002 Human Powered Ice Vehicle World Championships. Lots of low speed, harmless crashes. Very entertaining.
Jeff Caswell brought a clay model of a streamliner he wants to build for the World Human Powered Speed Challenge at Battle Mountain Nevada. Design goal is 100mph. Unfortunately Mark forgot to get any photos of it.

Working with a 2D model of his body, he's started playing with modeling clay. Design goal is 100mph. Each leg gets its own cavity. It's a split shell. Playing with clay is good. Will make a near-full mold from clay, then clay to smooth it, and make the mold from that. To reduce frontal area he plans to lower body between his knees. This will creat a channel, which may increase drag in quartering or cross-winds. He's got access to a wind tunnel, so tweaking can happen at that point to make sure it all works.

Two vs. three wheels. Currently designed for 3, but pair are so close to his head that he can ride on just two wheels. Will be a single speed, but multiple jackshafts. Brake will be on mid-drive, rather than on the wheel. Front wheel drive and steering. The Stelvio (?) might be a faster tire than the Comp Pool. It's supposedly a very tough tire, too. Jeff wants the underbody to float on a bed of air, so underbody design needs wind tunnel testing. Honeycomb/carbon fiber sandwich construction is planned.

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Craig Ostrow's Little Monster
Dave Gray's 12" Wheeled Travel Bike
Jon Sharratt's SWB Fork
Dave Krafft's Yellow Submarine.
Jim Black EZ-1 Electric Motor Conversion.
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