Jon Sharratt's SWB Fork
Jon Sharratt brought the fork for his segmented frame LowRacer. This may be the prettiest fork ever put on an SWB. Jon started with a Waterford fork, not exactly an ugly lump of metal itself. He cut a section out of the legs, at the location that allowed the lower pieces to be a good brazing fit into the upper section. He trimmed the lower edge of the upper section to a nice lug-like shape. He also added a torque arm stop for the drum brake, and fender mounts with seatstay bridge reinforcements.

Jon's frame isn't ready yet, and the fork is the only bit that's painted (powder coated). This led to a discussion of powder coating. Luke found a powder-coater in dinkytown who's cheap ($90 for two bikes). Color selection is limited. Tip: Bondo under powder-coat is a bad plan, since it'll shrink.

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