Craig Ostrow's Little Monster

Craig Ostrow brought his latest project, an MWB based on a frame which was originally built as a San Diego State engineering class project. He paid $150 for the frame, which probably has $500 of tubing in it. It is made from one of the new so-called "Super Steels", Airmet 100, an aircraft tubing. Incredibly tough, it is very difficult to cut or machine. Craig calls it "Little Monster", because the space frame resembles that of the Ducati "Monster" motorcycle.

Typical of projects built by people who rely too much on math, and too little on experience, it appears to have great stiffness to weight ratio, but no planning was put into how to get the chain through a maze of tubes, and back to the rear wheel. Craig was looking for help in routing the chain. Plenty of discussion about how many idlers he'll need, and where.

Almost all the components came from his Trek 200 recumbent. After Trek ceased production, and closed out the remaining bikes at ridiculous prices, the whole bike wasn't worth as much as the parts. Came with 24" rear wheel and a 16" front. Now, it has a pair of fat 20" slicks, which seem are a much better choice for this bike.

With rearward weight distribution, the approximately 2 feet of tiller may lead to low speed handling problems. If so there are many examples of remote linkage steering on streamliners that he can copy.

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