John Evingson's Snowmobile

John Evingson builds these bikes for off-road racing on snow. Events such as the races in Alaska.

John is a professional welder with experience repairing and modifying Alaskan bush planes, so welding a bike from stainless steel tubing is no big trick for him. The bikes are quite light, considering the huge rims and tires. I believe he said 28.5 lbs.

For most winter riding on the street, you want skinny tires to cut down to where the road is. But off-road there's nothing under the snow but more snow, so you want all the flotation possible. I would imagine this rig would also be great in sand or wet, swampy conditions.

These custom made rims are no longer in production, but he's looking for a new supplier. He uses two inner tubes in each tire.

The black baggy things on the handlebars are a descendant of the old motorcycle HippoHands. They allow you to ride at very low temps, wearing gloves instead of mittens.

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