Mark Stonich's Trike Fairing, and Ice Scooter
Just because the Rans T-Bar is almost exactly the worst possibe shape for an LWB with lots of tiller, doesn't mean that it isn't ergonomically perfect in some application. This year I surprized the heck out of myself by being completely ready for the Ice Races a full day ahead of time, so I decided to put the time to good, if frivolous, use. I call it the Razor Blade, though the people who make Razor scooters might object. It's not too efficient unless you have some sort of traction aid on your boots. Luke packed it along to Rockefeller Center, as a backup, but it didn't get any airtime.

I also brought in my 15 year old fairing, which I had reincarnated by adding a framework and 2mm Corroplast side panels. Now it is installed on my 2WD winter trike. Flipping 2 QRs allows it to be lifted off in seconds. The bubble is an old Super Zipper "Experimenter Kit" which was just the untrimmed molding, which could be cut to any shape you wanted. I just left it whole.

Click here to see it as a handlebar mounted fairing on my old commuter. It can be much closer to me as a frame mounted shell. You can see how much more protection it provides. Unless here is a cross wind, I don't need a jacket above 5 degerees F. The framework makes it much quieter than before.

The picture is a link to a page with more detailed photos.

It doesn't look too fast. But while most people were a few MPH slower in the 200m sprints this year, due to weather and ice conditions, I picked up over 1 mph.

One of Ray Brick's grandsons scootin' along

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