Joyce Abel showed her new snowboarding helmet from Hoigaard's that she bought for winter bike riding. It costs $109, but it is surprisingly light and has minimal venting and a warm liner and built-in ear warmer flaps (though I didn't think at the time to check whether it has any kind of certification sticker). Pretty slick winter helmet.

Her concern now is how to attach one of the two motorcycle face shields she bought (for just $7 and $19!). They have snaps on the top edge, but bike (and snowboard) helmets don't have matching snaps like motorcycle helmets do. Carl thinks Hoigaard's can do the snap installation, or Harris Canvas maybe. It was also suggested that the shields are light enough and with a wide enough mating surface that the snaps could just be removed and replaced with strips of industrial strength Velcro on the helmet and shield. Carl doesn't think the Velcro mounting adhesive would harm the helmet shell plastic, but it would be prudent to research this or try a small test area to make sure first.