Mark Stonich showed the frame for the new bike he and Terry Osell are building for Paul Walsh.

It is an improvement on his "weight weenie" bike in that it has a small rear triangle instead of single fork arms to avoid excessive flex or chain tension induced pogoing. Compared to Mark's earlier design, this one has the rider about five inches farther forward of the rear wheel, and 10 inches closer to the front. This should give a better balanced weight distribution. The 55" wheelbase will mean less vertical flex in the 2" x 0.035" main tube than Mark's has with 60".

The front wheel is nice and light since Mark only used half of the spoke holes and put light double butted spokes in them (with cross-two lacing angles, though the spokes end up only crossing one other spoke because of the skipped ones). The rear wheel is symmetrically dished and sits in an offset rear triangle. This is a design Mark often uses to increase rear wheel strength and longevity but it also helps on this bike to get the proper chain line clearance.

The chainline was a major design issue for them, and they have (just barely) managed to set it up so it will not need any idlers at all. Mark doesn't like their noise and lack of elegance, and he suspects that they cause a fairly significant amount of power loss due to drive train drag (perhaps on the order of 2-5%?). He has also done without any idlers on a variety of his LWB designs with no chain dropping problems. This bike has a somewhat high BB, a narrow front fork crown, and a top chain run on the big ring that will just barely clear the bottom of the seat (and the joint at the top of the rear upright, which was made a little longer than would have been needed otherwise just to get this clearance).

Some further tweaking of the front end for crank/wheel clearance may or may not be needed later depending on which crank length Paul ends up preferring, 155 or 170 mm.

Terry's usual price for a monotube 'bent is $1,800-2,000. However many of Paul's component's will be upgrades from Terry's typical LX spec.