John Reese showed his MWB recumbent that has been under construction for a mere 2 ½ years,
since he only has summer breaks between school years for concentrated building. He had a Rans
Stratus that will go to one of his sons, as will some of the SWB bikes he plans to build over the next
few years. The MWB bike is more or less a Dave Krafft design, and Dave also helped with selecting
tubes, doing some cutting and brazing, and bending the seat frame (which took about as long as all
the rest of the frame!).

It uses a cross-over mid drive (but NOT using tandem components) with the arms cut off of the intermediate
chainset. He really likes the fairly direct chain line with one idler on the non-shifted primary chain return
run, which is much quieter and apparently more efficient than what the Rans has. It still needs several detail
tweaks, such as extending the BB boom about 1.5 inches and cutting an inch off of each end of the stock
MTB bars he is using now. It will eventually go in a shell of some kind, but that is a project for another day.
Our resident knitter was able to provide a tape measure, so we confirmed that it has a 49 inch wheelbase
and a 74 inch overall length.