Many thanks for the opportunity to address your group at the last MNHPVA meeting.

Allow me to share exciting news regarding the Sibley Bike Depot (a nonprofit bicycle resource and repair center) reiterate my invitation for collaboration between our organizations, and to again offer a near infinite collection of frame and wheel stock to the bike builders on this list.

I am happy to announce that the Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance (the nonprofit that runs the Sibley Bike Depot) has hired two employees and that starting August 1, the Depot should be open all day, every day!� Rick McFerrin (currently the Executive Director of the youth mountain biking program Trips for Kids) is joining as our Executive Director (he will also be headquartering Trips for Kids out of the Depot).

We have also hired a shop manager, Christian, who will be working full time to ensure that our doors are open and shop well organized.� Our exact open hours will be posted after Aug 1, but expect something akin to M-Sa 10-8, Sun 10-2.

Moving from an all volunteer model to a staff model will not only increase the quality of our customer service but will finally give me a chance to have a social life and concentration on my campaign for Secretary of State.� Please stop by the shop after August 1 to meet Christian and check our our facilities.

If your organization would ever like to meet in our shop, or hold bike-building workshops, consider this a standing invitation.� Schedule directly with Christian after August 1 by calling 222-2080.� Perhaps you might even like to have the whole use of the shop on a Sunday Afternoon?� Those who become regular volunteers to our shop can earn their own key.

We are buried in bikes.� If you need frame stock, wheels, or any other incidental parts please help us unload!� We also have hundreds of brand new tires of all sizes that were donated to the organization and which we are selling for $5 per.� Stop by the shop if you want a bike or two, or call Christian after August 1 to arrange pick up of a whole batch.

Towards a more human powered future,
Andrew Koebrick
MN Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance, President
651-222-2080 Sibley Depot
651-224-8626 Home/Campaign