July 9th 2003
MnHPVA Meeting
Meeting Report: Tim Dunsworth
Photos: Dave Johnson & Mark Stonich
HTML: Mark Stonich
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People hung out in the parking lot for quite a while because it was a pleasant evening and because some of the interesting goodies to check out were to be seen only in the parking lot, since we had a small room we couldn't squeeze everything into and since one couple had to leave before the actual meeting got started.

Despite a good turnout, show and tell items were in somewhat short supply, so we ended up talking about whatever people had on their minds.

Bilenky Viewpoint Tandem
Leg Extension Problem
Someone asked about the status of the possible August races in Minnesota. They are still intended to be on the weekend of the 16th and 17th, though nothing has been formally set yet. Carl is still talking in terms of sharing the track with roller bladders or wheelchair racers to fill out the schedule and share the costs. Tim reported that the sites that have been considered so far include:
  1. The Dakota County Technical College training track we have used before, which seems unlikely due to their insurance situation (though they have let some wedgie racers use it since the fatal motorcycle accident).
  2. The Blaine velodrome, also unlikely.
  3. Another training track at Century College in White Bear Lake, which Dave seems to think is a lock (apparently through one of his EMT connections).
  4. The Elko speedway south of the metro area, a short paved stock car oval which we have also used before and which was receptive toward having us back.
  5. A go-kart track Carl found way out to the west in Cokato.
  6. Any set of closable roads and/or parking lots we could use for a criterium setup, such as several sites used for wedgie racers. Suggestions, anyone?
As you probably know by now, the race didn't happen for '03. Better luck next year Carl.

Somebody's Big Wheel Ski Trainers

Mark Stonich's BMX 155mm crank conversions
A newbie visitor has had numb foot problems on a Vrex and asked about ways to avoid that problem.
1. Try to lean the seat back more (which Mark says is also essential for improving the ergonomics and handling of a Vrex).
2. Shorter cranks may help some.
3. Clipless pedals and shoes, SPD, Look Etc.
4. Some people ( a small percentage?) never do adapt to a raised bottom bracket position, but most people do adapt and you shouldn't give up on it too soon.
Jim Black announced that he had won his qualifying round of the channel 45 Million Dollar Idea contest, and thanked everyone who had stuffed the ballot box, er, voted for him by e-mail, in that round. He asked that we keep an eye out for the finals in July and vote for him again. The winner of this ten week contest gets about $40,000 in services, such as patent searches, marketing plan development, etc. There was some discussion about Achilles Tendonitis causes and possible cures:
1. Avoid mashing big gears and/or hauling heavy loads as much as possible.
2. Avoid over-extension of the leg (so move the seat up or the boom back as needed).
        (I disagree, this may be the one case where a bit of overextension may help. Mark)
3. Make sure your shoe prevents pronation of the foot and ankle, or get an orthotic to do this.
4. Mark had sever achilles tendonitis for 15 years. Saw a dozen doctors and podiatrists without any relief. Cured it with a rather extreme set-back of his SPD shoe cleats, to put them closer to the axis of the leg and reduce load on the calf. See and
Jeff Caswell was riding the Greenway on the 4th of July and ran into a channel 29 film crew. They talked and filmed for a while and apparently will be putting some footage of Jeff and the Microbike on a show called "Made in Minnesota" from 8 to 9 am on Friday the 18th. The 4th of July ride from Hoigaard's went very well, with 20 or so riders cruising out to Edina and taking part in their parade. The riders included several Quadrabents, a ZEM2 (ridden for this occasion by Dave and Mary Krafft), and all three of our local Cab Bikes. A parade is definitely a good place to have a trike or quad, since you spend a lot of time standing still or moving at an otherwise painfully slow speed. The weather cooperated fairly well with only a few light showers, and most of us went back to Hoigaard's for an enjoyable picnic afterwards.

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