Somebody's Big Wheel Training Skis

If you know who this ingenious fellow is, please let me know. M.S.

?????? showed the cross country ski trainers he built to help him keep up with the other year round cross-trainers without spending as much as they do (up to $800!). He used a two wheel aluminum framed base with various types of wheels to see what works best for him. His wheels have no clutch to prevent rolling backward, since he exclusively uses the skating style.

He started with 6 x 1 ¼ pneumatic tires, but they handled poorly on the occasional patch of soft sand or gravel (he rides a lot on rough pavement and on crushed limestone paths). He tried 8 x 2 inch tires (on the red rims) next, but then found that 8 x 1 ¼ tires have almost as much flotation and stability and roll noticeably better. These are wheelchair tires that are rated at 35 psi but have been successfully used (so far!) up to about 50 psi. He added a pivoting friction brake on one ski that is operated by pulling a cord that is clipped around his leg just below his knee.

If these would take 200 psi, Jeffie would be trying to figure out how to gear them for 100 mph M.S.

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