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Seat Mount Detail

Ray's bike has a very nice flip-it stem piece with adjustable stem position and a fully folded position for travel. It has a rear rack to hold a smallish set of panniers (available from J&B), and the seat brace is from a Trek R200 and is attached to the rear of the rack. (A very nice rack indeed, wish I'd gotten a picture. Mark)

The rear end had to be spread to take a 7 speed cluster instead of the original single speed wheel. He will probably try a mega-range cluster soon to get lower low gears plus higher high gears without needing the monster chainrings that are common on small wheel recumbents that don't have a dual-drive hub or an intermediate drive with a step up (or an expensive Schlumpf geared crankset).

Another way to avoid large chainrings with small drive wheels is to use short cranks, and have a realistic view of how much gear you really need. Mark