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Mark Stonich showed the nearly complete frame for his new CMWB go-fast bike. It's based on the design of his and his new favorite tires, the thinner carcass Primo Comets in fat 305 front and 406 rear sizes. He hopes to ride it at the Stevens Point recumbent rally at the end of this month, but first he has to build a new tube bender to do the seat tubes! The frame tubes are fairly exotic and thin-walled, so he hopes to achieve a finished frame weight of about four pounds. It was certainly disgustingly light when he passed it around!

The frame configuration is designed to avoid the use of chain idlers (The work of the Devil, stealing power from our legs and converting it to heat, instead of speed! Mark) altogether. It will have one modest size chainring and a 12-32 eight speed cluster. This should suffice for most riding, since even the 45 lb, three speed hub version did pretty well on the Lake Pepin 3 Speed Tour.

Odd looking rear wheel has 24 spokes in a 36h rim and 36h hub. (The pattern was so confusing I give up lacing it with 24 spokes. I finally laced it with 36 spokes, cross 2, then went back and took 12 out.

In the front I used 18 spokes. I'd have prefered 12, but I didn't think the Alex rim would be stiff enough. Then at Stevens Point I learned that Velocity has just introduced a deeper section 305 rim. Dang! Mark)