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"And There Will be a Nexus Hub Right About Here"

The chainring looked small to some people (just 39 teeth), especially next to the 180 mm crank arms Jeff uses, but since the intermediate drive has a step-up due to two different size sprockets on the Shimano Nexus 7-speed internally geared hub it works out OK for speeds up to the 40's, Jeff thinks. Two stages of 39/21 and 39/18 work out to be the equivalent of a straight 72/18, which ought to be enough even with 16” tires!

I don't know if he has a source for the new Shimano Nexus Inter-8. But if he uses the 7 speed, these rings and cogs produce a high gear of 101 inches, lower than I would expect from Jeffie. The cogs that fit on the Nexus are dirt cheap, so raising or lowering the overal range would be a snap. Mark