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$350 'Bent?

In Carl Gulbronson's absence Jon was the designated pitchman one of Carl's latest toys, a Mitka high BB CLWB recumbent built in Taiwan and intended to be sold for less than $350. It has only six speeds and mediocre components, but at that price it could be attractive as a first recumbent to ride around town. Most people didn't think much of the seat design or the handlebar ergonomics, but it didn't seem to have any unfixable problems. The rear tire is a 457 mm rim (NOT the commoner 451), which Mark says is the old US standard rim size for a 22 x 1 ¾ inch tire. It might be a little hard to find replacement tires for this puppy. The cutest feature, especially at that price point, was a main backbone tube that was ovalized at the front end to mate with the headtube and tapered at the rear end to mate to a smaller rear fork tube!