Dave Gray's Skate Assist

Dave Gray's rollerblade power-assist unit. Sort of like an electric wheelbarrow. It has a 12mph max. speed, basically on or off switch rather than throttle. Battery, motor & charger are all in one lunch-box-like box. Initially it was intended to be a pusher, but it's too short and top heavy for that. Anyway, he just turned it around (about 4am) and it was a puller.

It sure looked like fun in the parking lot, but since none of us had rollerblades, there were no test rides. Need bigger wheels on his rollerblades. He's got some 6" pneumatic rollerblade wheels on order – similar to those on the Rollerblade Coyote - off-road rollerblades. Gateskate makes an 8 inch two-wheel version, too. The tires run at 110psi. Coyote's are on ebay for about $60/pair. This is just a friction-drive on the wheel. Might have regenerative braking. It sure feels like it, but it could just be too much drag. Next version will use a Currie - this is 250w, Currie is 400w.

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