Sophie Breen's Little 'Bent

Sophie Breen rode her new bike all the way from home. (About a 9 mile round-trip, not bad for a 6 year old.) Finished last fall, it now has a fresh coat of red powdercoat. Seat adjustment slides along main tube, so there's plenty of room for growth. Monoblade-fork on front "just because". Rear fork is similar to several of his previous bikes. Round tube piercing the back of the main tube, and round, untapered tubing piercing the cross tube for rear stays. Simple to build, except its hard to get a clean installation of standard dropouts. Right stay needed to be sliced to get chain clearance and the brake pivots need a lot of offset with this design.

Bottom bracket hangs on a stub to keep it lower (right height for kids feet). Has new handlebars - had a custom bent bar, and it got into her sightline too much, the new ones (narrowed Vision "H" bars) have a lower crossbar so she can see over 'em. Titanium brake levers. Side-entry bottle cages on the seat. Luke thought they were cool. They seem to hold bottles in. 305 wheels, 9 speed cassette – rear spoking is a very odd (24 spokes on 32h Rims?) Kenda tires are a hybrid, good on road and loose stuff. Sophie likes it, she's steering a lot, but keeping things upright.

I included some shots of adults on it, to show how small it really is.

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