June 11th 2003
MnHPVA Meeting
Meeting Report: Tim Dunsworth
Photos: Mark Stonich, Jim Black
HTML: Mark Stonich
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People hung out in the parking lot until almost 8 pm because it was a pleasant evening and because some of the interesting goodies to check out were to be seen only in the parking lot, including Ray Allison's recumbent rack set up for Vivky Dim's EZ3 trike, Dave Siskind's modified Tour Easy clone (now painted), Carl Gulbronson's white Twike (the human plus electric version), and two of the Pedalcoupe quads that were written up in a recent Star & Tribune article.

Pedalcoupe Prototypes
After we finally moved inside, Rio Roland started things off with a pitch to give him input about Minneapolis on-street bike lanes to put into his Master's thesis research in urban planning at the U of M and (hopefully) a spin-off publication. His interest is in what riders think about the places where Minneapolis bike lanes start and stop in terms of how easy it is to get to or from the bike lane and how hazardous or inconvenient they perceive that move to be. For those who haven't ridden these lanes, they are mainly on the left side or down the middle of the street (!?) to minimize interference with buses, and they can be a real treat to get to from a normal right edge riding position, especially in heavy traffic periods. He provided maps of 30 such places (mostly in or near the downtown area) and a response form, which he hoped to get back by the following Monday. The response forms also include items about when you rode the lanes and some demographic information about yourself. He will take any number of lane ratings, but prefers that each respondent ride at least 10 of the 30 designated lane starts/ends.

Rob Riggins' TE Clone Frame

Wheels 'n Things
The last topic was a brief recounting of two cross-country trips by members that happened to intersect with each other by (very slim) chance. Dave Siskind was riding halfway across the country on old Route 66, while Lance and Linda Oberg were riding the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans on their Rans Screamer tandem. Lance's trip was 34 days long, of which 30 were riding days, and they covered about 1,500 miles in all. Dave was still riding his old retro-wedgie, but parking lot riders (and Dave himself) were sufficiently impressed with how the modifications to his recumbent came out that maybe his next long ride will be on a bent instead. Both Dave and Lance reported having very enjoyable trips.

Custom Racks by Ray Allison

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