Don's Hub - Dave's Paint - Jon's Ride

Don Greenheck brought a fixed gear, wooden rim wheel he has had for about 50 years. It is from an 1895 women's "safety" bike, but is still in pretty nice shape. Despite its antiquity it has butted spokes and a hub with separate blocks rather than a continuous flange so the spokes don't need a bend, which is a feature recently (re)discovered by several high end road bike hub builders! It has 1" spacing of the cog teeth and used a block chain with ½" pin spacing but a solid block between every other pair of side plates.

1996 Pulstar Hub - 101 Years of "Progress"

Dave Siskind's modified Tour Easy clone (now painted)
The key to a durable rattle can paint job is to spray it, the ride across the country while it dries for a couple of months.
For more on this bike's transformation click

Jon Sharratt's 3 speed ride around Lake Pepin took place this past weekend and was a big success despite some stretches of bad weather. There were 14 participants and they all reported having a good time. Jon passed around a copy of the framed print he used as a prize for participants, which was a nicely doctored old three speed advertisement with some references to this ride inserted into it.
Mark discovered he is very slow on a wedgie, after 18 years of being 'bent. Demonstrating yet again that wedgies and recumbents do use different muscles. As a result he is making plans to build a three-speed recumbent out of a few donor British bikes so he can do next year's ride in greater comfort and at a (hopefully) higher speed.

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