The Pedalcoupes were quite interesting to check out and ride, which most people had a chance to do. They are quadracycles rather than trikes, which is unusual for recumbents and contributes to their weight of about 57 pounds, but it also makes them pretty well suited for off-roading or snow riding (or ice racing?). They have intermediate drive systems, but riding around the lot didn't allow us to get much of an idea of their maximum gear range. They use side frame bars with S bends rather than the more common center backbone plus cross members, and the bends were rather artfully arranged for hanging the seat and other bits.

The steering didn't look like it had any Ackerman effect built in (to allow the inner wheel to steer into a turn more than the outer wheel), but it seemed to steer well with minimal scrubbing drag anyway. The steering used short joysticks on each front wheel that didn't seem to give much leverage at first, but if you focused on pulling the outside lever inward rather than pushing the inner lever outward it worked OK. At least one of them was set up with an electric assist, but it wasn't operational as far as I know. He sells them for a relatively low price of about $1,900. More info can be had on-line at:

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