Rob Riggins' Tour Easy Clone Frame

Rob Riggins came with a nearly completed Tour Easy clone (built from Carl's well-travelled plan set), which was still in pieces at a recent meeting. He shortened it a little and raised the bottom bracket at Mark's suggestion, and it is probably fortunate that the donor wedgie had center pull front brakes since they are narrow and less prone to foot or crank interference in turns.

It still has about 2” of trail as Easy Racers recommends rather than the ½” Mark recommends, though. The fork was bent for more rake on Carl's handy dandy jig. This takes one leg at a time, but Carl swears it is not at all hard to get them bent in matching amounts.

He has since borrowed my fork raking and aligning tools. So perhaps he's seen the light ;-) M.S.

Rob found that he couldn't bend the double bottom tubes cleanly. So he built some "joining lugs" from curved 1" tube, to put where the bend is supposed to be instead. He got a factory Cobra-style seat and a stem and bar set from Carl tonight, so the bike will hopefully be rideable by the next meeting. It will have a 406-20 front wheel and a 700c rear wheel.

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