Vicky Dim's new "Ray Allison" EZ-3 Rack

Vicky Dim's rack, built for her EZ-3 Trike by Ray Allison, was shown as the first item in our "formal" show and tell session. It includes a set of three mini-ramps that come off and nest together for storage and allow nearly anyone to load or unload a trike without having to lift it off the ground. It overhung the sides of the vehicle a little, but apparently not enough to cause serious problems.

It weighed about 40 pounds and mounted on a receiver type trailer hitch. Ray can do custom racks for up to three regular or recumbent single bikes (or five with a large capacity receiver!).

(Ray's prices are so low, and the quality of his work is so good, that you would be crazy to try to build your own. Mark)

Ray makes similar racks, that are available from Jim and Carl for their Quadribents.

You can reach Ray at 651-464-5001 or

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